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Experience the taste of insanely delicious BBQ ribs, where the meat literally falls off the bone!

The Crazy Pig Kraków restaurant was opened in Krakow’s Kazimierz in June 2022 and is one of several Crazy Pig restaurants throughout Poland specializing in serving the best American BBQ ribs. Over time, this previously unknown place in Krakow has been hailed by fans of good meat as a rib paradise!

Our menu is small, but only because we devote all our heart and attention to what we do best – delicious RIBS!

Crazy Pig Kraków offers not only insanely delicious ribs, but also the famous American, spicy Buffalo Wings, which have gained enormous popularity all over the world. For fans of slightly more classic flavors, we offer chicken wings, served (to choose from) in 10 (!) original sauces.

Traveling through the flavors of America, our offer also included the iconic Southwest Fries with pulled pork. This dish with ranch sauce, just like the famous Buffalo Wings, is perfect for meetings with friends.

We also had real craft beer, which can be a perfect combination with meat! We also offer original drinks, bubbles, homemade refreshing lemonades, winter teas and other non-alcoholic drinks.

Every day our entire team puts a lot of work and energy into making sure that you, our dear guests, are happy and always willing to come back to us. We take care of every detail, from delicious food, through professional and friendly waiter service, to the atmosphere. The proof of this is the many positive comments we receive from you – thank you!

What makes us special ?

Firstly, QUALITY
The unique taste of ribs comes from the best quality, fresh meat that has never been frozen before. Quality is our priority and what distinguishes us.

Secondly, THE RECIPE
We have a unique recipe for preparing and processing meat, which was created in the United States and distributed in Crazy Pig restaurants throughout Poland. Thanks to this recipe, the meat is tender and falls off the bone easily.

Thirdly, TASTE
The secret of taste is not only the method of preparing and processing the meat, but also our truly American, original BBQ sauce, which was created out of love for barbecue.

Inspired by the flavors of the USA, we put our whole heart into creating the perfect premium sauce that will satisfy all the needs of your taste buds. The original composition of spices, the aroma of smoke and deep color is a perfectly matched composition thanks to which we have created an insanely delicious BBQ sauce like no other!

Our priority is to make your visit to Crazy Pig Kraków not only an unforgettable culinary adventure, but also to take place in a nice, professional and friendly atmosphere. All this will be taken care of by our staff, who simply love contact with customers.

Just visit us and see for yourself where the best ribs in Krakow are served!

What more…?

We create unique rib cakes in the history of gastronomy! An undoubtedly unique meat cake that will delight every carnivore! Welcome to the tab Rib cakes.

We organize various types of special events and business meetings. We encourage you to visit the tab Events.

We invite you to the restaurant: Kupa Street 2/24 in Krakow.

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