Our restaurant

Welcome in our restaurant!

Our restaurant consists of:
The small room next to the bar is an intimate, warm and cozy place, where the walls are decorated with hand-fired boards that create a unique atmosphere. We recommend the small room for meetings with a small group and mainly focused on chatting..

For fans of party atmosphere, we recommend our boxes on level -1. They provide greater privacy, and colorful LED lights and shiny walls create a truly party atmosphere. We have a large box that can accommodate about 20 people, and a small, intimate box next to the toilets, suitable for groups of up to 8 people.

Definitely the most unique place in our place is the patio, where you can spend a nice time eating our delicious ribs and look nostalgically at the sky, because the entire ceiling is glass. It is magical in this place at any time of the year – in winter, the room is covered with snowflakes, in autumn, colorful leaves, in summer, rays of sunlight come in, and in spring, you can watch the leaves on the trees change color. There is also a large screen with a projector in this room. This room can accommodate up to 30 people.